Seven injured in drive-by shooting outside funeral home in Milwaukee


Seven people have been shot in an apparent drive-by shooting outside a funeral home where about 100 mourners were gathered in the US city of Milwaukee.

The city’s mayor Tom Barrett said all those injured were hit when a person driving past the location opened fire.

There were no fatalities, and all of the victims were rushed to local hospitals.

Mr Barrett called the shooting “an example of the insanity we’re seeing,” with the number of guns on Milwaukee streets.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that a car pulled up to a crowd of around 100 mourners.

Cedric Guy, owner of Serenity Funeral Home, said the funeral was being held for Braxton Taylor, the 26-year-old victim of a September 17 shooting.

The funeral was scheduled to begin at 1pm, but was postponed after the shooting.